Wedding dress experts

I have been shooting bridal dresses for a solid 4 years now and have learned it can be quite an experience to find your perfect wedding dress besides being a really cool tradition that has gone on for centuries.

I did not have a wedding so I didn’t get to wear a dress but if I did, I would have had a full on party with my bride maids at the boutique! Ha!

Getting all the information from La Bella Bridal Boutique, I understand why brides have such a hard time selecting their wedding dresses. It can be exhausting if you don’t get yourself prepared. Let the boutique know about your theme if you have one. Don’t forget to mention the season of the year you are getting married. Go on Pinterest and type wedding dresses to get more ideas and learn about shapes, styles, colors, oh and don’t forget the thousands of brands out there! Oh my it is another dimension!! Another way to communicate with your wedding dress boutique is by telling them where the wedding is taking place. Is it outdoors, garden, barn, a hall or venue?

Finding your perfect wedding dress

Get all the help you can from the experts on wedding dresses and honestly as a wedding photographer I think you should have fun with your bride maids. Dance, have a drink and enjoy the moment!! You want your wedding dress selection day to be a sweet memory.  Some boutiques include fun elements such as lunch and drinks when you make an appointment in advance!! Make sure you give yourself plenty of time for shopping, and why not take your photographer for some fun shots too!!

I had so much fun shooting at La Bella Bridal Boutique. Their experienced fitter team will be able to help you to suggest sizes and styles that suit your body shape! They will help you to ensure that any alterations you have to make are taken care of.

A special thank you to my friend Linda Valenzuela, owner of Mia Cosmetics, for such great work with makeup and hair styling for this photo session.

Stay inspired!



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