When you think of Arizona you think of what first? The Grand Canyon. Spectacular as the Grand Canyon is, it is only one of the unbelievable landmarks that make Arizona a very very special place!

North an East of the Grand Canyon just South of the Utah border lies the small city of Page, Arizona. The area boasts some of the most spectacular natural landscapes I have ever seen.

Slot Canyon tours are a major draw to Page. It’s an adventure you must take!!


Sunlight beams through the canyon

If you are a lover of light this is your place!! Sunlight beams show through the cracks in the canyon. It’s a perfect photo taking opportunity…

Slot Canyon Adventure is the company to go through.

Secret Canyon

We had a very personal experience in the canyons without the hoards of tourists invading. So follow my lead!! The adventures are open March through the early part of October.

Horseshoe Band

Stop at Horseshoe Bend on your way out. It’s absolutely amazing. A must see!! Perfect for a weekend getaway. Enjoy it!! I don’t want to spoil it for you!